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I am a fan of technology and a new in the world of program.
My career is mechatronics , I chose this career because I arrived by accident. But in the end I really liked what comes as it is a combination of mechanics, electronics and programming . And I just like what he does because it is also something that I loved my do. I think that I do the right choose and I dont return or go back.

I tink my hero is Jesus, because this person is the best person. This person have really see for us at the beging of the time, this person who really care of us, this person who give away everithing that he have for us, this person who love us so much that even died for us, this person who give his life for us and love and is waiting for us and still for give us even you dont want to belive in him.

In the past I played the guitar for 3 years, but now no more. And my favourite author is Cassandra Clare with Cazadores de Sombras.

Juan Abdiel

If and Else

1 min read

Aqui esta un nuevo tutorial para poder saber como utilizar un if y tambien un else como condicionales.

Aqui esta el link: